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Welcome to our Kimberley Owner and Dealer Support Download Page

Our support page has been moved to Customer Portal, which can be found on our website It's been done to improve our overall customer satisfaction.

At this website you can view:
  1. Your Chassis and it's attached Warranty document.
  2. Kimberley documentation including operation manuals, service tips, troubleshooting guides and product manuals. There are over 60 documents across whole Kimberley range.
  3. You can enter technical questions or warranty problems directly on the site and track the status of our response.
  4. You can enter your Ideas for product improvement and vote on Ideas that have been generated across the customer community.
  5. You can complete two surveys:
    - One on the dealer handover experience.
    - Second on product feedback after your first trip.

You will be redirected in 120s, if redirecting doesn't work please click on this link and navigate to Customer Portal